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Letter from a Deputy Chief Constable

Brilliant supporter, George, recently had a conversation on twitter with his local Deputy Chief Constable. Afterwards, he wrote to him asking his opinion on various matters, including page 3 and the campaign. He got a very supportive reply! See below or read as a pdf here:

Moonwalk 2014

Since the first “Check ‘em Tuesday” we have heard from lots of breast cancer survivors about how painful the coverage in The Sun has been for them. So we thought we would publish some lovely bits of breast cancer related positivity to create a haven for those being triggered and an outlet for those who […]

The Sun’s Check ‘Em Tuesday – press and blogs round up

We responded to The Sun’s decision to use Page 3 topless images to promote breast cancer charity, Coppa Feel, with this statement.  Here are some responses from journalists, bloggers and comedy writers. We know that this isn’t nearly all that was written, so please do send us yours if it isn’t here. An incredibly moving […]

International Women’s Day – Coppa Tory

Brilliant supporter Lizzy Woodfield has written this amazing letter to her local Conservative MP, to send to him tomorrow, on International Women’s Day. If your local MP is a Tory who still hasn’t signed the MPs Letter of Support, please PLEASE copy and paste this template letter and send it to her or him tomorrow. Let’s […]

Gransnet say NO MORE PAGE 3

Gransnet follow Mumsnet and vote to say No More Page 3! Momentum continues to build for the No More Page 3 campaign!! : ) “Users of Gransnet are overwhelmingly supportive of the No More Page 3 campaign. We’re far from prudish but this terribly outdated and destructive objectification of women in the press has to […]

The Sun’s ‘Check ‘Em Tuesday’

It can be exciting when newspapers back important issues. We’ve seen recently how powerful this can be, Fahma Mohamed’s campaign on FGM in the Guardian, Yas Necati’s campaigning with the Telegraph to get the sex education curriculum updated. Today The Sun uses the platform of Page 3 to highlight the important issue of breast cancer […]

The Co-operative (using the system)

Those of you that have been following NMP3 for a while will be aware that we have had a somewhat rocky relationship with the Co-operative. We have lobbied them online, we have attended meetings at their HQ (at our own personal expense and their request) and have protested outside their museum. On the Good side….. […]

David Dinsmore, consider why people don’t read The Sun…

Dear David Dinsmore, We just wanted to say hello and to share a story with you. It’s not an easy story to read, we warn you. But we feel it’s an important one to share. We’ve noticed that quite often you appear to dismiss the campaign because ‘none of the people campaigning read the Sun’. […]