Cheltenham Town Ladies Football Club and the No More Page 3 campaign…..

Cheltenham Ladies Team



‘We’re a growing women’s team and looking for a new kit sponsor. What we’d really like is to be sponsored by an exciting campaign working to improve attitudes to women, but we need your help.

It may sound like an unlikely combination – a women’s football team and a campaign to remove naked photos from page 3 of a national newspaper, but when you hear where the No More Page 3 campaign came from it makes perfect sense.

The Olympics were a huge event for British sport and many women took centre stage with inspiring performances. It was during this time that Lucy-Anne Holmes noticed that the biggest image of a female in The Sun newspaper was the topless girl on page 3 rather than any of our winning female athletes – and this was just after Jessica Ennis had just won gold!

Lucy set up the No More Page 3 campaign soon after, asking the Sun to voluntarily drop this old fashioned institution because ‘boobs aren’t news’. So far 128,000 people have signed their petition and their t-shirts with their striking logo are famous, being worn by celebrities and even by an MP in the House of Commons. The logo would be perfect on our kit, and that’s why we think No More Page 3 would be the ideal sponsor for CTLFC.

We feel we have shared beliefs with the No More Page 3 team and the thousands of supporters of their campaign – we want to raise awareness of women’s issues and our club actively encourages women and girls to get involved in sport. This is really important to us – we want young girls to be inspired by fellow athletes like Jessica Ennis and we don’t want them to view themselves as objects.

To make our partnership with No More Page 3 possible, we’ll need to help them raise enough money to pay for a new kit for the team and to emblazon the No More Page 3 logo on the front of our shirts – the cost price of this is £2,025 and there’s a page to make donations here:

If just 200 people give us £10 each, we can achieve our goal and the campaign logo will travel with us all across the South West of the country every match day. Through this we hope to highlight the work of No More Page 3 and show our support for their goal.

Sometimes to change attitudes you just have to do something different which is what this would be. Many clubs are sponsored by their local plumber or building company and whilst there is nothing wrong with this we want to do more. We want to be sponsored by a message and show everyone that by working together with active sportswomen like us, and our supporters, campaigns such as this can really work.’

Cheltenham Town Ladies Football Club and No More Page 3