Jenny Jones wins Olympic Medal – how did The Sun respond?

On Sunday, a woman won the UK’s first EVER Snow Medal at the Winter Olympics. British snowboarder Jenny Jones took home the bronze medal on Sunday in the snowboarding “slopestyle” competition. Wow, WOW!!!

It was lovely to see her picture all over the front pages of newspapers right? Er, well, whilst it did feature the story and some pictures The Sun ran a front page story about a school girl who apparently wanted sex with her teacher. They covered Jenny Jones on Page 11 and in the sports section with pictures….But of course ahead of all of these, the biggest single image of a woman in yesterday’s paper was……. yep, you guessed it: Page 3!

It is time newspapers in the UK represented women in their pages for their contribution to the news. And what bigger news than making Olympic sporting history? Not only this, but we know that less than 5% of mainstream media sports’ coverage is of women’s sport and that girls in the UK need more encouragement to exercise regularly, largely due to body image issues caused by unrealistic images of beauty featured in the media. Yesterday was a perfect opportunity to show our young women and girls what they could aspire to. Instead, The Sun continued to with their 1970’s heritage of tiliation over inspiration giving it priority placement.

Pictures speak louder than words and when – instead of these historic sporting achievements – we fill the front pages of our best selling newspapers and our public spaces with sexualised pictures and stories, we miss an opportunity to clearly show the next generation what is possible.

Dave Dinsmore, please inspire the next generation of sportswomen. We are asking you today to please inform editor David Dinsmore @davedins, The Sun newspaper @TheSunNewspaper and @rupertmurdoch of your disappointment. 

We’re going to use our #KitOn hashtag to continue to promote women’s sport. E.g.
.@davedins a UK woman made history in the Winter Olympics. U gv her a thumbnail on pg55 & kept topless pg3 @NoMorePage3 #iKitOn
.@davedins why no front pg for UK sportswomen making history? #KitOn
.@davedins why no front pg Jenny Jones? #KitOn