• #Pyjamaactivism – time to talk to O2

    This week O2 launched a partnership with Sun + giving free access to Sun + to new/upgrading customers . Well that’s a lovely idea right? All that lovely lovely Sun + content for free; the gossip, the goals & um… The soft porn!


    We were curious about this so Lisa from HQ got in touch via the Live Chat function on O2’s website . It’s fair to say, they were a little cagey about the whole “porn” thing: 

    O2: Yes, you can access the whole Sun+ website.
    Lisa: So I will be able to access Page 3 too?
    O2 : In it you can see every goal scored in the Barclays Premier League as well as the FA Cup, Scottish Premier League and Rangers matches. It’s also bursting with football news, seven days a week.
    And the pornography?
    O2 :  For that, your mobile data will be used.
    But that is on Sun+
    Sun plus includes access to page 3
    O2 :  Usually it was to get launched recently, but according to the updated information, it’s getting delayed and we don’t have the exact information until the next upgrade. But according to the updated information, it gets access to Barclays Premier League as well as the FA Cup, Scottish Premier League and Rangers matches.
    I need to know if it gives access to the pornography? By that I mean the Page 3 part of the Sun + website
    O2 : Okay.
    O2 : We’ll help you with that once we have the update about that. Be in touch with us.

    They also seemed unable or unwilling to lodge Lisa’s official complaint about O2 aligning itself with The Sun.

    Lisa: Right. Can I pass on some feedback please?
    O2 : Oh, I’m afraid right now I can’t pass the feedback of it until it gets launched and we have the updated information about that. But I hope that might happen soon.
    So you can’t let them know that if o2 joins up with the Sun, particularly if that offer includes free access to page 3 soft porn I will leave and take my money with me instantly?
    Lisa: Is there not a place you can record that? Lisa: I am not giving my money to anybody associated with that paper whilst it continues to feature soft pornographic sexually objectifying images of young women in a none age restricted publication

    O2 : Yes, that should also be recorded, but yet can’t say about that. But there should be a way of doing that and also we can let you know about that once we have the update.

    Why target O2 if it is only Sun +

    We’ve said many times & will happily repeat many more times, that we have no issue with Page 3 living exclusively online – although we will always think that the “spin her” function is creepy & treats the models like products rather than people.

    What we do have an issue with a major brand like O2 aligning itself to a newspaper that prides itself on making profit from sexism.

    Lastly there is of course the simple fact that this contract between O2 and The Sun must have involved an exchange of money which would suggest any money you then pay o2 may be supporting The Sun and it’s current editorial content.

    O2 themselves don’t seem to be terribly enthusiastic about the deal, it’s not featuring heavily on their website and we had to dig to find the details.

    This doesn’t seem to fit well with the image O2 want to project

    O2 have a community project called Think Big, helping 13 – 25 year olds improve their communities. You know, the kind of thing that Girl Guiding does; Girl Guiding who have been one of the strongest supporters of No More Page 3. O2 have also been leading in the way in protecting children, recognising the importance of mobile phones to children’s lives and ensuring they can use them safely. You know, like protecting kids from soft porn; while selling it to their parents.  


    Probably a good time to revisit the comments from parents about Page 3 and how much they want to keep it away from their children… It must be wonderful to find a safe, secure network for your children, only to find them backing a newspaper that thinks its okay to publish a topless model alongside a One Direction article.


    So, here’s our call to action (#pyjamaactivism):

    At 12pm on Sunday, we’d like you to contact O2 either via Twitter (@O2) or for a live chat (click here) about their Sun + offer.


    if you prefer, you can also call them (08442 02 02 02).

    @ronandunneo2 is the CEO of O2 should you wish to tweet him direct

    This is an online sit in – What we’re aiming for is to take over their customer services by asking all the questions & lodging all the concerns we have about this deal, all at once by phone, twitter and live chat. We are protesting this deal from all angles!

    Some suggested questions/comments… 

    Hi, can you talk me through the Sun + deal, does it include all content?
    Does that include the porn?
    Specifically is Page 3 online included in the deal because that’s part of Sun +?
    Is there an age limit for this deal?
    Do you think linking to Page 3 is in line with O2’s aims around protecting children?
    Your parental controls block some feminist blogs, but your Sun + deal gives access to Page 3. Can you comment on that? 

    Copy us into tweets @nomorepage3 and ask for a transcript of any live chat to be sent to nomorepage3@gmail.com



     …..Fly my pretties… Fly!!!!


    O2  – Be more Dog 😉





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  1. Judith Anderson says: February 2, 2014 at 12:01 pmReply

    I’m on it , I’m with O2 as well have been for years but I’m telling them I’m not paying money to fund the viewing of soft porn

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