One 16 year old’s story (From Everyday Sexism)

‘I’m 16 and have been receiving sexist comments from older boys since I was about 13, in school and out of it. They shout “rape!” if they’re in a group walking down the corridor and see a girl, loudly rate girls out of 10 while we walk past, look at Page 3 and compare girls to it if we walk past, discuss girls’ bodies, it happens literally every day and even worse is girls go along with it and sometimes JOIN IN to impress them. Boys in my year and younger boys make lots of comments obviously spurred on by the older boys. I never wear skirts to school anymore as it’d sometimes get lifted in the lunch queue anyone can say it’s harmless I don’t get! Why can’t the editor of The Sun or a lads mag spend one day in a school and see what girls have to put up with in the culture they help create I challenge them to do it and still think Page 3 or their mag is harmless.’