Russell Brand says “No More Page 3″

Late last night, Twitter exploded with the news that Russell Brand has joined the growing list of amazing people to say “No More Page 3” and in the process “slay” his former sexist self (with huge thanks to Jemima Khan for helping him on that journey).

Russell Tweet

 The NMP3 team had earlier delivered Russell and Jonathan Ross a package of feminist goodies to the ITV Studios.

 No More Page 3 has a clear goal, the removal of Page 3 from The Sun and ultimately full equality within the media. Page 3 is an icon of outdated 1970’s sexist attitudes.  Society will only change if people do. We are delighted that Russell has hopped aboard, he can share the message with so many people and his example is a testament to a change of tide in public opinion about what is acceptable in the press.

Press enquiries please contact  or tweet us @NoMorePage3

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