Statement in response to the Irish Sun

We’re really pleased that the Irish Sun has taken the decision to stop showing pictures of topless young women in its newspaper, we think this is a huge step in the right direction and we thank the editor, Paul Clarkson, for taking the lead in the dismantling of a sexist institution like page 3. We are hoping that the UK Sun will follow suit and ultimately hope for an end to all objectifying images and a truly equal representation of women within the British press. We look forward to the day when women are represented with respect and are featured in newspapers for the interesting things they say, think and do, in the same way as men are.


In a radio interview earlier, Paul Clarkson stated that he felt the Page 3 feature put off many potential readers who would otherwise really enjoy his paper, and that many more people read the Irish Sun at the weekend when there is no Page 3. This is also true of the UK Sun, so we hope David Dinsmore is listening.


We are proud that the No More Page 3 campaign has been instrumental in raising awareness of the inappropriate placement of a topless young woman in a daily family newspaper, and that people are questioning what these images are really saying about women. We think that most people in Britain have moved on from the sexist Seventies and Page 3 is an embarrassing relic from that era which people are no longer prepared to tolerate in 2013.


So congratulations to the Irish Sun for a bold first step, it really can’t be much longer before the UK Sun stops trying to defend the indefensible and accepts that Page 3 is history!