• The Co-operative (using the system)

    Those of you that have been following NMP3 for a while will be aware that we have had a somewhat rocky relationship with the Co-operative. We have lobbied them online, we have attended meetings at their HQ (at our own personal expense and their request) and have protested outside their museum.

    On the Good side…..

    The Co-operative have a great history of ethical trading, of women’s liberation (giving women the vote within their organisations long before they were allowed to vote for a government and supporting women’s suffrage) and of putting people before profit.

    They recently became the first supermarket to stop sale of all lads mags (including the Sunday Sport) which don’t have modesty covers and to ensure these are top shelf.

    The Co-operative UK’s Director Chris is a feminist  and supporter of No More Page 3


    What can you do now?

    Many of the below areas have submitted motions to their Co-operative area representative and these will be bought to meetings on the dates given –

    Can you help us bring Co-op to No More Page 3 by attending and voting at your local meeting?

    Motions are passed with a show of hands so the more supporters we have there the better.

    Here’s what you need to do –

    1. If you aren’t one already then become a member. If you hold a membership/dividend card you are a member. You can do it online here NEW MEMBERS CAN ATTEND MEETINGS AND VOTE
    2. Find out which co-operative area you are in here and join the correct event group for your area.
    3. If a motion has been put forward in your area then contact your local area representative and book a place at the meeting (details of how to contact them will be in the local group event pages linked)
    4. Let the area group know that you are going to be there

    The 7 Co-op areas include –


    There is an event group for this area already set up here , a motion has been submitted and accepted and the meeting is sat May 10th, 10.30am  at Kettering Conference Centre you can book your place by emailing paul.cranfield@co-operative.coop
    Cambridge & East Anglia
    Herts & Essex
    Nottingham & East Area
    South Midlands
    Central Midlands


    There is an event group for this area already set up here , a motion has been submitted and accepted and there are two local meetings Saturday 3rd May, 2pm, Hilton Hotel, Neville Street, Leeds, LS1 4BR and Tuesday 6 May, 7:15pm, The Centre for Life, Times Square, Newcastle, NE1 4EP

    Humber – formerly East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire
    Leeds & Wakefield
    North Cumbria
    North Yorkshire
    South Yorkshire & Chesterfield
    Tyne & Wear
    West Yorkshire


    There is an event group for this area already set up here we are waiting to hear if a motion was submitted or accepted in this area
    Greater Manchester North
    North Lancashire & South Cumbria
    North Midlands
    Stockport & Macclesfield


    This area is being co-ordinated by email so please email NMP3lisa@gmail.com to be included. A motion was submitted or accepted in this area. Details of the meeting to follow
    Inverness & Moray
    Northern Ireland
    Northern Scotland & Islands
    Glasgow & Lanarkshire
    South West
    Lothian & Borders


    There is an event group for this area already set up here , a motion was submitted and accepted and the meeting is sat May 10th 10am in Central London, at Westminster Central Hall, you can book a place here .

    This group are looking for help with presenting the motion at the meeting too.

    North London
    South London
    Surrey & Berkshire


    There is an event group for this area already set up here a motion has been submitted and the meeting is at 11am Exeter Racecourse on May 10th you can book a place here

    This group desperately needs somebody to present the motion at the meeting!! Could you do it?

    Cornwall & Isles of Scilly
    North, East, West Devon & Somerset
    Kennet & Avon
    South Devon
    West Midlands
    Wiltshire & Dorset


    There is an event group for this area already set up here , the motion was submitted and accepted and the meeting is 3rd May in Cardiff (details to follow)

    Mid Wales
    North Wales
    South Wales
    West Wales

    Please keep coming back to this blog as we are updating it with new groups and information all the time!

    Thank you so so much once again for all of your hard work

    Together We Are Doing This!!!!



  1. Annika Eade says: February 18, 2014 at 9:15 pmReply

    Consider me a signed up member to the Co-op. Will share this on my blog tomorrow, keep up the good work!

  2. Ethicalmyarse says: February 19, 2014 at 11:05 amReply

    The Co-op really has lost it’s ethical and moral way. I used to feel good about shopping there, now it just acts like all the rest. Happy to support sexism and sell tit pics to kids who are targeted to get the offers like free Lego or One Direction tickets.

  3. Liz says: February 19, 2014 at 5:49 pmReply

    Have signed up as a member! totally behind this campaign, will be in touch with you with more thoughts and ideas soon! Well done keep up the amazing work you are all doing. P.S hope you will be at the Million Women Rise event in London on 8th March?!!

  4. Roger says: April 27, 2014 at 8:22 pmReply

    If the Coop REALLY had any principles they would have stopped stocking the paper YEARS AGO. The fact that the Coop is helping fill the pockets of the Murdoch media empire makes me sick.

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