Opinions were quite diversified during the time No More Page 3 dominates the news. On a negative note, the page was defended by its photographer and a series of models, as well as a few celebrities who believed that women should do what they want – overlooking the idea that children are exposed to nudity. On a positive note, the petition was backed up over 140 MPs, lots of celebrities, organizations and even 30 universities that boycotted The Sun. With more than 200,000 signatures, it forced The Sun to reinvent itself and drop an outdated idea that was implemented in 1970, when sexism and female objectification were not so important.

The snowball effect was extremely important during the No More Page 3 campaign. At the same time, this petition proved how powerful people really are when they stick together.

From small to big things

No More Page 3 all started when Lucy-Anne Holmes sent a message to The Sun asking about dropping Page 3. Nothing happened – she did not even get a reply. She started a petition to make herself heard, which gained over 200,000 signatures within a few years only. While one person can be ignored, you simply cannot ignore an army of people. Inevitably, after a few controversial attempts to keep Page 3 running, The Sun has decided to move on and dropped it.